Welcome To Mountain Witch Botanicals!

Our shop is now open for business!

Please have a look around.  More products to be uploaded soon!

Welcome to the home of Mountain Witch Botanicals!

We are a home grown, Pacific Northwest, Woman owned small business, providing safe and natural, organic herbal body care products that are artisan crafted in small batches right here on Nooksack Mountain.  All ingredients are selected with care to assure they are of high quality and come from trusted sources.  Most ingredients are certified organic,  or certified non-GMO.  Many plants are locally grown and some are harvested in the wild by me.

My passion is caring for the wild beauty of Earth and all She provides for our health, creativity and well-being.  I care about the health of the planet and all of her beings.  That includes what I put into my body in the way of food, drink and medicine, and what I put onto my body: Soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, cosmetics and perfumes.

Mountain Witch Botanicals came to be because I want simple, healthy, safe, organic and natural body care products that I can use everyday for my health and beauty.  I believe in having a choice about what I put into my body, free from chemical and synthetic products that glut the commercial markets.  So I am creating my own line of plant based, Organic moisturizing products for the skin.

As I’m using these luscious moisturizing plant products for my daily self care routines I am finding my skin to be softer and more radiant, and dare I say I think I am looking younger!  And certainly I am smiling more!


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