The driving intention behind Mountain Witch Botanicals arose from my desire to create and contribute to the world with an ethical and sustainable creative small business that supported life in the manner of respect, honor and harmony.

Mountain Witch Botanicals intends: “To create Wild Crafted and Organic Herbal Body Care products of superior quality that support health and well-being for all of Earth’s inhabitants. This includes the body of Earth; her soils and waters, the plant people, the Tree People, the animal people, and the human people.

All products are made chemical free, from nourishing plant based materials. Organic ingredients are my first priority.  Plant material is either certified organic, un-sprayed, chemical free, or wild crafted from remote areas.  If I don’t know the source of an ingredient I do not purchase it for my inventory.  Ingredients are ethically sourced from sustainable and trusted suppliers, gathered and wild crafted in nature in a ceremonial and respectful way with attention to the health and viability of the ecosystem and the plants being harvested.   I support local beekeepers by purchasing their high quality minimally processed beeswax.  I conduct my business with intentional awareness for the health of the land and inter-species relationship.

Products are packaged in recyclable and re-usable containers with minimal reliance on plastic.  Recycled and re-used packing materials are emphasized for shipping.

With love and reverence  for the Earth, the plants and the people, I embark on this creative ceremonial journey to serve in the “Eco” marketplace offering products you can trust to help you thrive.”


Jean Anthony ~ Nooksack Mountain, USA