Ancestral Earth Journey for a Nooksack Mountain Witch

As part of my journey in Shamanism and Art, the Plant People have called me to working more closely with them as an expression of my love for Earth and the spirit beings that dwell here.


I am now living in deeper relationship with the gifts of the Plant people through the practices of the study and making of herbal medicines, ceremonial wild crafting of local plant allies, and the artisan crafting of an herbal and organic personal care product line.

Through the Grace and guidance of Ancestral Earth, Mountain Witch Botanicals was birthed.


The plants are teaching me about community, sharing, conservation, preservation, mutual respect, reciprocity, complex patterns in Nature, the relationships of plants, animals, humans, elements.

I am experiencing the love and vibrancy inherent to life, the sacred geometry that forms all things, and the integral essence of stewarding life’s delicate web.


With this energetic foundation holding my intention I seek to grow the commerce of Mountain Witch Botanicals to provide a choice for healthy, ethically crafted, responsibly made personal care products that honor nature, honor people, plants , animals, promoting and supporting sustainable, local, artisan and woman owned small business.


I invite you to sign up for my mailing list; to receive periodic news, new product announcements, and plant people tales directly from Earth Herself.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey of expanding Earth awareness, deeper relating and healing with all beings.

Blessed be!

~Nooksack Mountain Witch


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